fiteBac SkinCare LLC
Changing the world, one product at a time...

Creating products intended to change the world, one product at a time. The Skin Care Hand Softening Gel™ has a unique, patent pending formula that protects the moisture barrier in skin keeping it soft and silky throughout the day.  Formulated by experts in the field, this revolutionary gel is cost effective and long lasting. With the goal of being the future of personal care fiteBac™ has other pioneering products under development.

Kimmerling Holdings Group, LLC (KHG)

KHG was founded in 2009 by two young men, Kirk Kimmerling, DDS and Daniel Kearney, who share boundless enthusiasm and complementary vision and skills. The company and its products have a foundation of scientific based evidence from universities, polymer chemists and other giants in the industrial world. Based in Marietta, Georgia the group selectively welcomed other board members with specialized skills and the entrepreneurial spirit. The team successfully brings to the table the same passion of positively impacting all peoples and the natural world. The group’s first success under the  brand is the long-acting Skin Care Hand Softening Gel.

KHG has engaged Quadsil, Inc., a research and development firm based in Midland, Michigan, to develop its formulations. Two former Dow Corning executives, Robert McKellar general patent counsel and John Blizzard senior chemist, formed Quadsil.

John Blizzard developed additives for dental bonding agents, composite filling materials and primer material for other dental applications at KHG’s bequest. Researchers at Georgia Health Sciences University’s School of Dentistry conducted protocols on these formulations with exceptionally positive results. These scientists along with other research facilities believe these applications will go beyond dentistry into the medical, plastics, adhesives and coatings industries. Art Fry, the inventor of the Post-it® Note and Yeun Chou a physicist and materials expert are on board with the KHG vision. Both associates are retired from 3M™ after successful careers.